The Ins & Outs Of Public Speaking

How To Become Radically Better At Giving A Speech Or Making A Presentation

You will learn

  • Acquire the skills, knowledge and insights to become radically better at making a speech or giving a presentation in a work, educational or personal context.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how to effectively prepare a successful speech or presentation.
  • Gain the ability to confidently deliver a winning speech or presentation.
  • Secure awareness of the fundamental communication principles and dynamics that determine the degree of impact a speech or presentation has on an audience.

The Ins & Outs Of Public Speaking Course content

2 sections • 21 lectures • 2h 57m total length


The comprehensive, yet succinct, no waffle, no padding, guide for anyone wishing to learn how to prepare and deliver winning speeches and effective presentations.

Providing dozens of practical learning points, expressed in a punchy, memorable style, the course offers students in a wide range of situations, actionable advice that enables them to create talks guaranteed to inform, persuade and entertain audiences.

Throughout the three hours of video content, the carefully crafted material has been designed to equip people facing a host of different circumstances with highly useful tips about the tools, tactics and techniques involved in all aspects of addressing groups of people large and small.

So whether you are:-

  • a first time speaker tackling an important presentation assignment at school or college;
  • a more seasoned communicator determined to live up to the responsibilities inherent in an upcoming particular challenge at a key life event, such as giving a best man’s speech at a wedding, making an obligatory presentation as part of a job interview or delivering the eulogy at a funeral;
  • a frustrated employee feeling you could improve on your work-related presentation efforts if you only knew how;or
  • someone determined to improve their public speaking skills to better give voice to a cause you passionately believe in,then this is the course you’ve been hoping to find. 

You will learn:

  • Anyone who is new to public speaking or who has a gnawing sense that their previous attempts at speech-making or presentation-giving could, with the right guidance and advice, be greatly improved in the future.

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