Master Tapping On Electric Guitar

Learn and master tapping technique on electric guitar

You will learn

  • Tapping Basics
  • Tapping Exercises
  • Tapping Solo
  • Bent Tapping Exercises
  • Tapping In Pentatonic Scale
  • Tapping In Pentatonic Scale Patterns & Exercises
  • Tapping In Pentatonic Scale Solo
  • Tapping In Major Scale & Modes
  • Tapping In Major Scale & Modes Patterns & Exercises
  • Tapping In Major Scale & Modes Solo
  • 8 Finger Tapping
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Pentatonic Scale
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Pentatonic Scale Exercises & Patterns
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Pentatonic Scale Solo
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Major Scale & Modes
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Major Scale & Modes Patterns & Exercises
  • 8 Finger Tapping In Major Scale & Modes Solo

Master Tapping On Electric Guitar Course content

6 sections • 32 lectures • 1h 19m total length


This course aims you to learn and master Tapping technique on electric guitar. It will help you come up with new ideas and expand your vision on the guitar fretboard. I highly recommend studying my Electric Guitar for Beginners (if you’re just learning to play the guitar) and Electric Guitar Intermediate-Advanced (if you haven’t learned pentatonic scales and modes of the major scale) before studying this course.

Together we built a strong foundation on the guitar in my previous courses. Now using the fundamentals you learned in those courses, you’ll learn Tapping technique and it will help you come up with new ideas.

is a technique where you need to use both your left and right hand fingers. It’s a great way to access bigger intervals, sound fast and smooth. In this course you’re going to play the scales & chords you learned in previous courses with different patterns and a different feeling.

After each section you’ll learn an example guitar solo using the Tapping technique.

I created this course to share my 22 years of experience with music and especially electric guitar. During my journey I studied with legends like Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Martin Miller and Debbie Davies. I also practiced music theory & music production.

During these years I’ve been on the stage countless times; both small venues and big festivals. I’ve taught more than a thousand students both face-to-face and online for more than 15 years. With this experience I know common mistakes that most of guitar students make so I can anticipate them and warn you about them even before you make them!

In this course we’ll build a solid foundation on the electric guitar. We’ll also work on how to apply music theory to your guitar playing to broaden your vision on the instrument. Don’t worry, no sheet music will be used 🙂 And I promise you’ll love what you can achieve when you learn these concepts.

After each topic you learn, there will be an example related to that topic. There are song, guitar melody, guitar solo examples that I prepared for you. I recorded all the guitars, drums and bass guitars with the greatest sound quality. You can mute my guitar and just play over those backing tracks, play the same exercise or try your own melodies. It’s about having some FUN!

All Videos Are Integrated With Guitar Tabs

In all of the exercises and example guitar solos, you’ll see the guitar TABS in the video you are watching. You won’t have to download any pdf or switch to another page, you can just study along with the videos.

Community & Asking for Guidance

When you sign up to this course you’ll receive a link to a facebook group. You can join that group and share your performance, ask for feedback and guidance. I’ll also be active in that group.

You can ask any of your questions on Udemy aswell!

So, let’s get started and have some fun!

This course is good for:

  • Guitar players that want to master Tapping Technique

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